Jesse Meier

XN-3 Pilot & Engineer


Nickname: Junior
Age: 28

Where is he from?

Child prodigy from Wales, England. Family moved to California when he was young, graduated from Engineering in Berkeley. Passionate individual with a thirst for building things, and an obsession with flying.

What was his occupation?
Started out as a a premier aeronautical engineer for the Air Force. When he unveiled a major project in aeronautical design at Berkeley, he drew national attention and received awards. Naturally, the Air Force convinced him to join. He eventually became an exceptional fighter pilot.

What is he doing now?
XN-3 squadron.

What is he like?
Brilliant, soft-spoken, shy, dependable. – That is until you get him started in any subject he’s passionate in. Sharp reflexes, and highly intelligent. He is personable, but way younger than most in the group, who still treat him like a kid. He is usually picked on by the rest of his squadron, but he takes it in stride. His commanding officer often called him Junior, and the name stuck as his call sign.


Speed Junkie.
Tendency to blush/Easy to tease.
Raspy British Accent.
Compulsive stray-animal rescuer.
Can’t live without his iPod, which survived. (Likes 80’s metal and rock ballads)

Flying remote-control planes/Drones, Flying, Videogames, tinkering with things.

How is he dealing with the invasion?
One day at a time. Surprisingly cheery disposition, or at least he leads other to believe.


Jesse Meier

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