Johnny Somerset

The FBI Detective


Those haunted blue eyes, pierce through illusions and falsehoods. They see everything and notice everything.


Nickname: Somerset
Age: 30

Where is he from?
From a small, grim city in New York, where the authorities have a shaky grasp of control. Orphaned as a small child, doesn’t remember his mother’s face.

What was his occupation?
Police force detective. The right people saw what he had to offer, and he was drafted (voluntarily) into the FBI. With his consistently successful record at solving cases, he was assigned to the “weird” cases. He lived in a highrise apartment in Manhattan.

What is he doing now?
Drafted (involuntarily) into a global resistance taskforce with humanity’s survival as their goal. He is a Corporal within the military ranks.

What is he like?
Perceptive, Pragmatic, Driven.

First Impressions are everything to him.
Fear of Lightning.
Fear of crashing in moving vehicles.
Obsessed with/Spends most of his free time listening to invasion survivor-reports.
Absent-minded with trivial/small matters.

Baseball, Black & White Films, Piano, Amateur Writing, Knowing what makes everything (and everyone) tick, Knowing things before others do.

Known Associates:
Robert Bishop: FBI Partner 3 years, Romantic Partner 1 year. Happily in love. (Bold, Cheeky, Imposing) Age: 33

Mr. & Mrs. Bishop: Robby’s Parents. Loves them as if they were his own. Constantly telling Robby he takes them for granted.

Eva Croix: Personal Assistant 3 years, Friend 2.8 years. Holds her in high esteem, would be lost without her. (Sassy, Competent, Charismatic) Age: 28

Nelson de Franco: Underworld Informant 10 years, Child-hood friend, 20 years. Shields him from the law as much as he can, little brother complex. (Impulsive, Likeable, Clever) Age: 28

Judith Jones: Forensic Autopsy Specialist, Coworker 3 years. Mentor of a sort, and all-around wiz at determining causes of death. (Quiet, Methodical, Strange) Age: 40

Alessandro Milan: Restaurant Owner, Father-figure 15 years. Best. Italian Food. EVER. Also, closest to the father he never had. (Wise, Loyal, Outspoken) AGE: 55

Hank Morris: Press-release/Newspaper Contact, 3 years. Weary of him, but he has his uses. (Ambitious, Inquisitive, Unscrupulous) Age: 37

How is he dealing with the invasion?

SImply put? He isn’t. He lives for the daily survivor reports, and goes on missions whenever he is ordered to. More recently, he has taken to putting his keen and intuitive mind to the task of eviscerating the aliens and exploiting any weakness he can. He does not intend to play by the rules on this one, which, to those who know him, should set off warning bells.

Johnny Somerset

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